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The IBN Munich chapter is a vibrant and diverse network of Irish people living and working in Bavaria. Our objective is to support & promote business contacts and exchanges in any way we can. This begins by welcoming new arrivals and helping them to find their mark. The network provides an opportunity to meet, share contacts, insights and experiences in a convivial and co-operative atmosphere.

In cooperation with MIN (Munich Irish Network), an umbrella organisation for Irish societies, we have links to many other local Irish cultural and sporting societies. Over the years, the Munich Chapter has organised many events, including an annual gala evening and the St Patrick’s Day Ambassador Business Breakfast.

IBN Munich coordinates the popular bi-weekly informal online Thursday morning “cuppa” started in the early days of the pandemic. The initial intention was to create a forum where we could keep in touch. Since then, this online “cuppa” has evolved to a networking space where IBN members can introduce themselves and where a weekly topic of interest is presented and discussed.

If you would like join our chapter, please contact us at: munich[at]irishbusinessnetwork.de

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Recent Posts

Thursday morning cuppa kicks off Q2 with an expert view on „Immovable Property & Inheritance Gift Tax in Germany“.

Markus Hans Ludwig (registered Lawyer in Ireland & Germany) & Simon Geyer of MHL-Law in München will guide us through the intricacies and comparisons between German & Irish tax laws and the Do´s & Dont´s when it comes to making a Will. 

Something to chew on during Easter!

We are delighted that Dr. Mícheál Ó Foghlú, an engineering director based at Google in München since 2017, will present at our next online „cuppa“ on March 4th. Mícheál will provide a short overview about Google and tell us about various initiatives in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mícheál is responsible for a set of internal software development tools and services with staff in Seattle, the San Francisco Bay area, Zurich as well as Munich. Prior to his current position he was based in Waterford for many years.

Looking forward to hearing your story Mícheál‘.

Hope to see you for another „cuppa“ on Thursday March 4th.
The kettle will be boiled by 08.30!
Please message me if you require the link.