Just landed

"As a recent arrival in Munich, I was delighted to be introduced to members of the local IBN chapter. They extended a warm welcome and were source of information on all sorts of topics, which has greatly assisted my settling. Such a networking resource was never more welcome than in 2020 when I found myself settling into a new Country and City in the middle of the pandemic. I am delighted to be an active member of IBN and look forward to attending lots of online and in-person events in 2021."

Kevin Murphy,

CEO, Crosscard


If you are new to Germany or to the region, joining our linkedIn group and registering for our newsletter are good first steps to becoming involved in the IBN community. Both will keep you informed of upcoming events in your region.

Why not come along to one of our local chapter events and meet other members in your region.



In line with best practice on boarding, some IBNers volunteer as buddies and support new members in their first months in the region. If you are interested in the buddy programme, (either lending or seeking support), please contact your local chapter heads for more information. 


"Ní neart go cur le chéile"