Dear members and friends

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As we fast approach the end of 2020, a year of immense challenges and great personal difficulties for many, I am happy to report that your IBN e.V. is emerging stronger and focused for the year of revival 2021.

Throughout the year your board has been working hard to improve our structures and services. It is then with great pleasure that we present to you here the newly launched IBN e.V. GDPR compliant website.

While maintaining our brand image, it has been redesigned to give an informative ease of access to our members and to present past and pending event information from our chapters in Berlin, NRW, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich in a clear manner. Thanks goes to the board for all the work put in here and in particular to our board secretary Roísín Russ, who collaborated with Maike Döring to make this happen.

Finally, in the name of the board, I would like to wish you all with family and friends a peaceful, happy and positive Christmas time.

This coupled with looking forward to the Irish business diaspora here in Germany coming together again in 2021 in person with energy and elan moving forward.

Your President

Paul S. Cahill